El Capital
Dos Perros, Durham

Wow, this New Year’s Eve special cocktail takes its description as a twist on a Manhattan seriously! It’s a very strong drink—assuming Dos Perros adds it to their specials list on occasion, only order it if you like a stiff drink. Luckily, I do! It’s made with hornitos anejo tequila, molé sauce, orange bitters, and Dolin sweet vermouth.

The light brown coloring was very appealing, like a crushed velvet. The tequila definitely hits you right away, but it’s a good, rich varietal that is deepened by the endless wealth of flavors the molé brings and the fleeting dash of orange bitters. I couldn’t pick out the vermouth, but I’m no vermouth expert so I may simply not have recognized it in the mix. The tequila is absolutely prominent in this drink, as it should be, and you only remember the other ingredients are there if you think about it. They work subtlely, which is no small feat for molé. I could have easily drunk another, but I also would have needed a cab ride home.

Reviewed 12.31.10.

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