Treasure in Dark Luminous Wings

“Treasure,” a fantasy fable, will appear in Dark Luminous Wings from Pole to Pole Publishing in October 2017. Here’s the early anthology cover art:

dark luminous wings anthology rebecca gomez farrell treasure

“Treasure” is one of my oldest short stories and it features a female thief who’s thrust into a culture very different from her own, so different that she has a difficult time believing such a culture is real. Can someone raised to distrust everyone around her accept grace and love when freely given it? Is it truly given freely? You’ll have to read “Treasure” to find out what Enkid, the story’s protoganist, makes of these questions…under threat of a flying sea monster called the Laklor and the lure of a rock pillar that manifests jewels and….here’s the first few lines:

Wind thundered past the slats of the storage cabin. Hidden within a barrel of fish guts, the stowaway braced herself for lurching. But when the ship pitched sharply sternside, Enkid knew it was no ordinary squall. A storm this bad would force the captain out of his quarters despite his usual drunken stupor, creating an opportunity to filch the beveled, green-glass vial he wore around his neck. It held hemlock tincture, a rare poison that would come in handy for someone in Enkid’s line of work.

I’ll let you know where to pre-order Dark Luminous Wings once I have that information. Until then, may your dreams be free of dark wings, but your mind prepared to tangle with them.

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